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Why we created this program:

Archon performs a large amount of pipe stress and pipe support analysis. The man hours spent looking up the required input were significant. This program has significantly increased our productivity by providing a wide range of required input data through one source of information. The ice and wind load feature alone can save you several hours of analysis time.


Program Features:

This program provides a wide range of information on pipe properties and related items commonly used by engineers. Some of the features are:

Pipe Data Base:

This section provides information on pipe diameters, weights, section properties and bend radiuses. 

Socket Weld Fittings:

This feature provides dimensional data on socket welded fittings based on pressure rating and pipe size.


This feature provides information on commonly used piping material such as Young’s modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion and allowable ASME III stress based on system temperature.

Standard Tee Dimensions:

This feature provides standard tee dimensions based on pipe size.

Reducer Lengths:

This feature provides reducer lengths based on pipe size.

Flange Weights:

This feature provides the weight of various flange types based on pipe size and pressure rating.

Wind and Ice Loads:

This feature provides wind and Ice loads on piping based on the requirements of ASCE 7-10. We consider this feature one of the most valuable features in the software. It eliminates the tedious process of working through the details of ASCE 7 and gives you pipe loads with just a few clicks.


The program will run on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

The program help uses a PDF file. In order for the help to be viewed from the program, the operating computer must be able to read a pdf file. If necessary a free Adobe

PDF reader may be downloaded and installed from

Program Cost: $55.00



Note: If Internet Explorer does not load checkout form, use Firefox or Chrome.

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