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Program Features:

This program performs several features that provide water flow information.

The main features of the program are as follows:

Overland Runoff Flow Calculator:

The program will calculate the runoff flow based on area size, ground slope, rainfall intensity and time of concentration. It will account for general area flow into a channel and provide the final flow rate at the channel exit point. It will also calculate flow rate for a general area, with no channel.

Culvert Flow Rates:

The program will calculate the flow rate and flow velocity through a round or rectangular culvert.

Open Channel Flow:

The program will calculate the open channel flow rate and velocity for several channel shapes.

Curb and Grate Inlets:

The program will calculate the flow capacity into curb or grate inlets.


Weirs are used to obtain channel flow rates by measuring the depth of water as it enters the weir. The program provides flow information for rectangular and V-notched sharp crested weirs as well as broad crested weirs. It will account for bank angle and any piers that may be located on top of a broad crested weir.

The program will run on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

The program help uses a PDF file. In order for the help to be viewed from the program the operating computer must be able to read a pdf file. If necessary a free Adobe PDF reader may be downloaded and installed from


Note: If Internet Explorer does not load checkout form, use Firefox or Chrome.

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