Archon Engineering, PC

Support Foundations

Archon has performed several foundation designs for several of our clients over the years. We have designed foundations for cranes, localized columns, temporary dunnage support, transformers and entire buildings.


Support Foundations:

This project was performed for a contractor who required a temporary concrete slab to support a model 21000 Manitowoc crane.

The site had limited soil data with a number of core samples. Based on this information and additional research about the geology in the area an estimated soil/bedrock profile was established. Other issues involved with the design included buried pipe in the area and specific locations for the crane. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), soil bearing pressures and slab moments and shears were obtained. Soil flexibility under the slab was specified based on the geotechnical data. The slab reinforcement was designed to bridge weak soil areas. A hold point, during excavation was specified so that Archon engineers could verify the anticipated bedrock (shale) locations under the slab. The final deliverable to the client was a complete analysis calculation and final design drawings.


Transformer Foundation:

Our client for this analysis was an electric utility. The client required a design of a transformer foundation with an oil retention basin. Archon designed the foundation and basin with a gravity flow stand-pipe system that permitted drain water to flow out of the basin, while retaining any spilled oil from the transformer.