Archon Engineering, PC

Structural Analysis

Archon has performed several large and small structural analysis projects for our commercial clients. Our clients include contractors, architects and developers.


Structural Design of an office/warehouse building:

This was a straightforward project. Archon was contracted to design an office/warehouse building structural system. The analysis and design included a structural analysis of the frame and design of the building footings.


Church Mezzanine design:

Archon was contracted to design a church mezzanine. This design involved the design of the stud walls, main supporting structure and foundation.

Modifying a Truck Frame:

Archon was contracted to review the modification of a truck frame. The truck was designed to support a certain load, but the frame needed to be shortened. Our solution was to model the frame in a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program, then design the frame splice weld to support the loads.