Archon Engineering, PC

Structural Analysis

Archon has performed all types of structural analyses for industrial clients. Our analysis types have ranged from building design of main structural systems, local analysis of tanks and piping, design of microwave towers, to analysis of modified truck frames.


Evaporator Analysis:

This project performed a stress analysis to determine the internal pressure limits on the lower vapor box of an evaporator. Our analysis was able to provide the client with modifications necessary to prevent the unit from rupturing from high pressure.


The Security Building:

Archon was contracted to perform a structural analysis on a design for a security building at an industrial facility. Our analysis included review of all structural members, connections, and the foundation. The challenge with this project was that it included very high wind loads, which made the design of the lateral support system critical.


Floor Loading:

The second floor of an industrial building required a review of the composite concrete deck to support increased equipment load. Archon was contracted to perform the analysis. Our conclusion was that the existing deck was adequate to support the new loads.