Archon Engineering, PC

Structural Analysis

Archon has performed hundreds of structural analysis for the fossil and nuclear power industry. This type of analysis can range from reviewing building floors for increased loads or lay-down areas to feasibility studies for the addition of floors to a building.


Crane Support Foundation:

This project was performed for a fossil power plant. The client requested that concrete access floor plugs on their turbine deck be replaced with steel plate plugs. The required dimensions were obtained and the new plate plugs were designed and analyzed to support the design floor loading. A full analysis calculation and design drawings were provided to the client.

Rigging Lugs on Duct:

A contractor required the design of lifting lugs on ducts that weighed over 120000 lbs. This project involved the calculation of the duct center of gravity and reaction loads at specified lug locations. The general stress on the ducts and localized stresses at the lug locations were reviewed. Archon provided the contractor with the required lug locations as well as a design for the lugs and associated welds.