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Structural analysis & Design

Archon has performed hundreds of structural analysis and design projects for the nuclear power, fossil power, industrial and commercial industries. Our experienced engineers use state of the art software. We can provide analysis that covers a wide variety of needs: building design, foundation design, impact analysis, failure analysis, component analysis, rigging analysis, seismic analysis, and more. See our projects section for a few examples of our past projects. We have supported clients that required support for large multi-year projects to clients that only required analysis of a single component. Let us know what you need, we can handle it.


industrial inspections

Archon has provided inspection services for the industrial and power industries for years. We can perform inspections on your piping and support systems to insure that your system is in good condition, meets code requirements and has not deteriorated over the years. Our structural inspections will insure that your structure has not degraded due to long term corrosion, unanalyzed modifications or added loads. Don’t wait until a failure causes a safety issue; let us look over your facility.


piping system & support analysis

Archon has supported the nuclear power, fossil power and industrial industries with hundreds of pipe stress and pipe support evaluations. Using state of the art software we can support any of your pipe stress and pipe support analysis needs. We also can provide piping flow analysis for liquid or gas systems, steady state or transient flow. Our projects range from the analysis of multi-line systems to reviewing support loads for a single valve change out. See our projects section for a few examples of projects that we have performed.


residential structural inspections

Archon is based in Columbia, Missouri and provides residential structural inspections to central Missouri. We support local realtors, bankers, home buyers and home owners who have a question about structural issues in homes. All of our inspections are reviewed by professional engineers, with years of inspection experience. Before you spend thousands of dollars, based on recommendations from a foundation repair saleman, have a registered professional engineer perform an independent review of your home. Minor cracks don’t always mean major problems.


Plant Piping System Analysis, Inspection and Evaluation Package

Many facilities, including industrial plants and power plants have aging piping systems. Over time, these systems deteriorate.  Pipe supports become out of adjustment, operating conditions change, non-design basis water hammers occur, erosion and corrosion occur and other changes place the piping systems in a condition that is outside their original design basis configuration.  These conditions not only generate significant financial risk to the plant owners, but also can create a great safety risk.  Click here to see what our package includes.


Verification of software for the nuclear industry

To use commercial off the shelf software for design and analysis of Nuclear Safety related systems, structures or components; they must go through a Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) process.  Archon can assist with this process by providing the verification of the software that becomes an integral part of the CDG process.  Archon currently provides Verification packages for AFT, Inc.’s Fathom, Arrow and Impulse software products.  In addition to the verification of the software, these packages also provide the guidance for developing the other components of the CGD process, including “Safety Classification”, “Failure Modes and Effects Analysis”, and determination of “Critical Characteristics”.  For more information on our V&V packages, click here.

Finite element analysis (FEA)

FEA is an area in which Archon has been supporting clients for many years. Our engineers have extensive experience in the use and interpretation of FEA. We use the ANSYS enterprise edition software, which is state of the art. We can perform impact analysis, dynamic analysis, explosive damage analysis, static or plastic analysis for any type of project that you require. Some of our projects include: seismic analysis of equipment cabinets, qualification of valves for use at nuclear power plants, failure analysis of structures to complex foundation soil bearing analysis, and more.