Archon Engineering, PC

Rigging Support

Archon has provided dozens of projects that involve rigging support. These projects involve analysis of items such as lug designs, attachment point analysis, support beam analysis, transport track design, analysis of tugger loads, off-set limits on monorails, equipment transport cart design and many more.


Rigging of Reactor Modules:

This project was performed for a contractor in support of an outage project at a fossil power plant. The project involved rigging of several reactor modules. The center of gravity of each unit was determined; the cable rigging angles were established, the loads on the attachment lugs were established, stresses on the modules were reviewed, and lug attachment points were designed. 


Review of Spreader Beam:

This simple project involved the review of a spreader beam for a contractor. The load rating of the beam was to be increased for their desired application. Our analysis showed that the existing beam would require the addition of a cover plate on its top flange. This was a simple project, but saved the contractor the cost of purchasing an entire new beam.


Design of Temporary Duct Supports:

Due to the removal of lower duct work, a contractor required the addition of temporary supports to support the upper duct work for this maintenance project during an outage at a fossil power plant. Archon was contracted to design these temporary supports.

We were able to provide a cost effective design that utilized the contractors existing material.