Archon Engineering, PC

Platform Design

Archon has designed hundreds of platforms, which provide easier access to plant components. We combine standard analysis with state of the art computer software such as the SAP structural analysis software. Our final deliverables include a complete analysis calculation and design drawings. We also provide fabrication drawings if requested.


Access Platform Design Project:

This project was performed for a fossil power plant. Because of safety concerns, this platform was designed to provide safe access to a series of valves. The new platform structure was analyzed as well as the existing building support structure. A detailed walk-down of the site was performed to ensure that all design dimensions had adequate clearance.


Combustor Strut Support Project:

A fossil power plant was installing new combustors in their boiler. These combustors, when activated, generated high recoil loads that were resisted by struts that attached to existing platforms. Archon was contracted to analyze these supports and their associated platforms.

Our conclusion showed that the existing structural steel was not adequate to support the applied loads. We provided the client with an economical re-design of the support system that ensured no long term damage to the existing platforms.