Archon Engineering, PC


Archon has designed dozens of monorails for use in the power industry. Monorails support a moving load from above, usually with a motor driven or manual hoist. Because of the load attachment method there are special requirements for monorails. Axial and lateral impact loading is present, which can provide challenges to the support design. In addition, lower flange bending is often a limiting design consideration.


Modification of Temporary Monorail:

This project involved the modification of a temporary monorail that was used to transport tube pendants to a construction extraction point. Because of interference in the rigging operation, it was necessary to split the monorail and raise one portion of it. The main supporting monorail beam and the supports were re-analyzed to ensure that adequate margin existed to support the load.


Design of Monorail and Track System for 80 Ton Moving Load:

This temporary track and monorail system was designed for a large contractor to support power plant maintenance activities. The load was to be lowered onto the track system, rolled to a monorail attachment point, and then lowered to the ground. Archon was contracted to design the system and review the strength of the existing support steel.