Archon Engineering, PC


Archon has performed several structural inspections at fossil power plants. These inspections include general structural inspections and inspections of piping systems and their supports.


General Structural Inspection Project:

This project was performed under a recurring inspection contract for a fossil power plant. As issues were identified, we classified them as critical needing immediate attention, needing eventual attention or not significant. For items that needed repair or modification, we also provided recommended repair methods and as well as any necessary design modifications. The client originally requested our inspection services in order to address safety concerns.


Pipe Support Review Project:

A power utility requested that Archon perform a walk-down and inspection of all pipe supports on their 900 psi main steam line system. This system was an old system that had not been reviewed for several years. Our inspection was to review adequate flexibility to accommodate thermal expansion, signs of excessive movement or vibration, material condition of supports and piping, signs of support overloading and missing supports.

Our recommendations included adjustments of spring cans, repair of corrosion, adjustments and repair of damaged rod hangers and the addition of some structural support.