Archon Engineering, PC


Experience. Precision. Diligence.


Archon Engineering, PC was founded in 1992. Archon began by designing and selling engineering software programs. Archon has grown over the years and now provides civil, structural and mechanical analysis and design consulting services for a wide variety of clients.

QA Program

Archon has a 10CFR50 Appendix B Nuclear QA Program. In addition, our QA Program complies with the requirements of ISO 9001/2000, as well as ASME NQA-1, 1994. Archon's QA program is regularly audited by a NUPIC team, with those audits being made available to all NUPIC utility members. Archon's program is also audited by NIAC, with those audits being available to NIAC members. These organizational audits can streamline the process of adding Archon Engineering to your QSL.  We take pride in our robust program, and work to stay on top of, if not ahead of, nuclear QA topics.  Our most recent NUPIC audit resulted in no findings and no recommendations.  We apply the same quality assurance standards to our non-nuclear clients.


Archon's engineers have professional registrations in Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Michigan and South Dakota with the ability to obtain registrations in other states if required.